Configuring your node

Now you've successfully installed the tacnode on your system (if not, read the "Installation" page) let's proceed by connecting you to the iTachyons Eco-system.

Important: The tacnode and tacnode_heka only support 64bit Linux systems (preferrably Ubuntu 20.04 focal). It might work on other linux systems, but Ubuntu 20.04 is official supported.

The configuration files for both the Thoth (Mainnet) and Heka (Testnet) are available in the git repository

For this guide we will be connecting to the thoth network, so the node binary we will use will be tacnode, the blockchain data folder will be /root/thoth and the configuration files will be thoth.service, thoth.json

If you are connecting to the heka network, you have to substitute tacnode with tacnode_heka and thoth.service and thoth.json with heka.service and heka.json and the blockchain data folder with /root/heka

Clone this repository on your server by running (assuming you are in /root)

git clone

Create a folder to store the blockchain data on your server in a folder of your choice. For this guide we will assume the blockchain data will be stored on /root/thoth folder as we will be connecting to the Thoth blockchain.

mkdir /root/thoth

And go to the node-configuration folder for the blockchain you are connecting to, in our case we will be connecting to thoth, so

cd /root/node-configuration/thoth

Copy the configuration files to their respective directories

cp thoth.service /etc/systemd/system

cp thoth.json static-nodes.json /root/thoth

Very Important: If you change the blockchain data path from /root/thoth to anything else, you have to modify the /etc/systemd/system/thoth.service file and change all instances of /root/thoth to your new path otherwise the node will not start. You also have to change the path in the initialise command so instead of tacnode --datadir /root/thoth init thoth.json

Reload the systemd daemon to make it aware of our new configuration

systemctl daemon-reload

Initialise the genesis block by running the following

tacnode --datadir /root/thoth init thoth.json

Start the thoth node by running

systemctl start thoth

And then check its status by running

systemctl status thoth

You should see something like the below screenshot

If you see the above, the tacnode has successfully connected to the thoth blockchain. You can start interacting with the blockchain network by running:

cd /root/thoth

tacnode attach geth.ipc

You should have a console like the screenshot below on which you can run all standard JSON-RPC calls.

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