There are two ways you can setup the node binary - compiling it from the source code or downloading an existing binary.

Note: Currently you can only compile the Thoth or Mainnet binary from source code, Heka ready to use binaries can be downloaded from below. If you are not an advanced user, it's generally recommended to download the pre-compiled binaries instead of compiling yourself from source.

WARNING: Only download the binary from official sources (like this document) and match the hash of the downloaded binary with the one specified in the document. Failure to do so might compromise the safety of your node and your funds.

Compiling from source code

Building with a Go workflow

iTachyons node is written in Go, so building from source code requires the most recent version of Go to be installed. Instructions for installing Go are available at the Go installation page and necessary bundles can be downloaded from the Go download page.

With Go installed, Geth can be downloaded into a GOPATH workspace via:

go get -d

The above commands do not build any executables. To do that run the following command, run in the project root directory (itachyons/node-source) in the GO workspace, builds the entire project and installs Node and all the developer tools:

go install ./...

For macOS users, errors related to macOS header files are usually fixed by installing XCode Command Line Tools with xcode-select --install. Another common error is: go: cannot use path@version syntax in GOPATH mode. This and other similar errors can often be fixed by enabling gomodules using export GO111MODULE=on.

Building without a Go workflow

This method of building only works on UNIX-like operating systems, and a Go installation is still required.

git clone
cd node-source
make geth

These commands create a tacnode executable file in the node-source/build/bin folder that can be moved and run from another directory if required. The binary is standalone and doesn’t require any additional files.

To update an existing tacnode installation simply stop the node, navigate to the project root directory and pull the latest version from the Node Source Github repository. then rebuild and restart the node.

cd node-source
git pull
make tacnode

Additionally all the developer tools provided with Tacnode (clef, devp2p, abigen, bootnode, evm, rlpdump and puppeth) can be compiled by running make all

Ready to use Binaries

Thoth or Mainnet

Linux 64 bit | Version: 1.10.3-stable-8725c64b

Heka or Testnet

Linux 64 bit | Version: 1.10.17-stable-25c9b49f

After either downloading the binary or compiling it, move the binary to an executable folder like /usr/bin to invoke the tacnode from any working directory, example: mv tacnode /usr/bin

Verify the installation by running tacnode version or tacnode_heka version and you should see something like the screenshot below

If you see this, your tacnode is correctly installed and you can proceed to the next step to connect to the iTachyons eco-system

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